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Mr. Campbell is an experienced attorney with specialties in municipal finance, corporate litigation, banking, securities regulation, mergers and acquisitions and insurance. 

Currently, Mr. Campbell is engaged in the legal profession as a sole practitioner, with an office in Dallas, Texas. Previously, for a period of approximately ten years, Mr. Campbell served, at various times, as the President and General Counsel of First Southwest Company, a privately-owed investment banking firm which specialized in providing broker/dealer, investment advisory, financial advisory and underwriting services, primarily to government entities in Texas and several other states nationwide. He also served on the Board of Directors of First Southwest Company, its holding company and certain of its affiliated companies. Prior to his service at First Southwest Company, Mr. Campbell served as the General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Life Partners Group, Inc. a life insurance holding company listed on the New York Stock Exchange at the time. Before joining Life Partners Group, Mr. Campbell was engaged in the private practice of law in Dallas, Texas for a period of approximately thirty-five years, specializing in corporate litigation, banking and securities. During most of this period in private practice, he was a partner, at separate times, in two of the largest law firms located in Dallas.